Why is it worth choosing Baja?

Baja is not only a glamorous little city...




  • Budapest 160 km;
  • Pécs 88 km;
  • Szeged 101 km;
  • Szekszárd 40 km;
  • Kecskemét 110 km;


  • (51, 54, 55) ,Türr István vehicular and railway bridge


  • M9-M6 towards Szekszárd 20 km;
  • M5 towards Kecskemét 108 km


Towards Serbia:
  • Hercegszántó 33 km;
  • Bajmok 44 km;
  • Tompa 69 km;
  • Ásotthalom 84 km;
  • Railway border crossing: Kelebia-Subotica
Towards Croatia:
  • Letenye 260 km;
  • Berzence 197 km;
  • Barcs 152 km;
  • Drávaszabolcs 109 km;
  • Beremend 89 km;
  • Udvar 69 km;;
  • Ivándárda 76 km;
  • Railway border crossing: Magyarbóly-Beli Manastir,
  • River border crossing: Mohác,


  • Railway line 154 Bátaszék-Baja-Kiskunhalas


  • Baja Public Port
  • VII. Pan-European transport corridor – the Danube River 


Danube-Criș-Mureș-Tisa Euroregion

among the 20 most densely populated cities

Southern Great Plain Region

with 35 990 inhabitants the 5th most densely populated city of the largest Hungarian Region

Total number of inhabitants

within the catchment area: 120 000

Special quality soil

„Treasure Bácska”

Submediterranean climate

annual average temperature 10,5 ̊C, annual average rainfall – 600 mm

Center of the Baja District

17 settlements: Baja, Sükösd, Bácsszentgyörgy, Bátmonostor, Csátalja, Csávoly, Dávod, Dunafalva, Érsekcsanád, Érsekhalma, Felsőszentiván, Gara, Hercegszántó, Nagybaracska, Nemesnádudvar, Szeremle, Vaskút; with altogether 66 600 inhabitants

Regional and international relations

(Hajós-Baja Vine Region, Danube-Drava National Park, Association of Upper-Bácska Local Governments) (Active twinning relationship: Sombor, Sângeorgiu de Pădure, Târgu-Mureș, Argentan, Waiblingen, Labin)

100% Baja


Bács Royal county

title of a market town

Bács-Bodrog noble county (10.362 km2)

Serbian occupation

Treaty of Trianon

Serb-Hungarian Baranya-Baja Republic (Baja 1.876 km2)

Bács-Bodrog noble county (+Bajaszentistván large village))

county town (municipal town)

rearrangement of counties: Bács-Kiskun county

Bipolar county (in background)

City area (administrative district)

Yugoslav Wars (Osijek, Vukovar)

1st May – EU-membership

Economic crisis (financial crisis)

development of infrastructure and tourism (ring-road, reconstruction of the historical inner city, eco-park, development of the riverside, new bridge, touristic centre)


  • 10 elementary schools, 21 secondary schools, 1 college, 1 university faculty
  • 3 basic art education institutions, 2 special education institutions
  • urban sports ground, 2 artificial turf sports fields, indoor swimming pool
  • Saint Roch Hospital; GP (17), paediatrician (6), dentist (13) and health visitor (10) services
  • Cedar Reformed Social Institution (caring for the elderly, the homeless and the handicapped)
  • Türr István Museum, Éber Memorial House, Bunjevac Folk Art House, Nagy István Gallery
  • Ady Endre City Library and Educational Centre, Bács-Kiskun County Archives
  • Baja Marketing Ltd., Bácska Palace of Culture, Inner City Community House
  • City Theatre, Baja Youth Theatre, Rábl Stage and Music Community
  • Liszt Ferenc Choir, Ad Libitum Choir, Cantabile Children’s Choir
  • Nagy István Arts Association, Bajai Craftsmen Association
  • district heating; municipal waste management; flood protection; civil protection; local public transport; City Market; pound; beach-operation, lifeguard service; public space surveillance, neighbourhood watch; air- and water quality protection; City Chief Architect
  • local managing agent tasks, founder of 4 foundations, owner of 5 (100% local government) companies, majority shareholder of 5 business organisations



decreasing by 3 per thousand per year


high dependency ratio and aging index


high proportion of secondary and tertiary graduates


unemployment rate 13,4%, increasing proportion of secondary and tertiary graduate unemployed

Employment / job search
  • Finding a first job is not easy, but few outside the city regularly commute
  • 25% has working language skills (at least one foreign language)
  • The main expectations are competitive salary / training / career advancement


number of taxpayers and the per capita income is low

Shopping habits
  • urban-centric traditions, great demand for good quality local products


80% do not plan; 11,6% familiar with the situation

Motivational reasons:
  • more job opportunities, higher wages



46.2% of businesses actually operate; the number and proportion of capital corporations grow stronger


71.6 enterprises per 1,000 inhabitants;
114.9 operating enterprises per 1000 active-age persons

  • 6,6% of total businesses;
  • 7,6% of total employees;
  • important role of processing sector and B2B coordination.
  • 15,3% of total businesses;
  • decreasing 22,5% since the financial crisis.
  • 81,6% of total businesses;
  • 76,3% of total employees;
  • mainly small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • 12% have foreign shareholders/capital.
  • 41,3% business tax;
  • local tax ratio grows slowly.
  • good conditions;
  • wide range of attractions;
  • tourism infrastructure under development.


The majority of employees live in town
Buyers divided in half between retail and corporate
Purchase mostly outside the county, only one third local
Sales are predominantly local
Co-operation (NGOs, local government)



  • Entrepreneurial potential, industrial area
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Multicultural atmosphere, well-kept community areas
  • Tourist attractions, historic inner city
  • High educational level of the population, skilled workforce
  • Central commercial role
  • Purchasing power of the population


  • Partially completed ring-road, lack of the southern bypass
  • Road network - quality and quantity deficiencies
  • Some utilities gaps
  • Aging population, the migration of young people
  • Partial utilization of natural conditions
  • Few parking spaces
  • The low number of high-intensive public accommodation
  • Lacking connection of touristic offer elements


  • Expansion of infrastructure services for industrial park
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Intensive development of outdoor plants
  • Appreciation of education and innovation potential
  • Water and conference tourism boom
  • Strengthening the central service and administrative role
  • Utilization of land for economic purposes


  • Long-term stagnation of access situation (lack of transport developments)
  • Increasing proportion of the socially disadvantaged
  • Downtown traffic congestion
  • Intensification of territorial development gaps
  • Increased peripheral disadvantages


Developments over the past five years

nearly half of businesses in the city, mostly co-developed EU sources, positive influence

Development plans

for the next three years, two-thirds of companies plan

Factors affecting management of enterprises

taxation, financial policy, legal issues

Co-operation with the municipality

development resources, support services, joint labour-market action

Economic Program 2015-2020
  • Stimulating job creation and future investment
  • Natural and environmental values for tourism development
  • Development of basic infrastructure for the population of the area, environmental protection, tourism and economic growth
  • Commercial role based on "Treasure Bácska", strengthening the brand of agricultural crops
  • Strengthening the role of a regional centre, increasing the power of retaining population

Dear Investors,

Our home, Baja, a dynamically developing city alongside the River Danube, is the centre of the Upper-Bácska Region. Our goal is to exploit its potential in order to be one of Hungary’s most successful cities!

This settlement has outstandingly unique natural and environmental surroundings, and this could be one key of our future co-operation. The other one is the professionalism, diligent and responsible attitude of the inhabitants. If they are successful, our city will be successful, as well.

That is why it is important for us to make our future investors interested in the opportunities and economic advantages our city can offer!

We would like you to get to know the values of Baja which can make your company even more successful. The extraordinary geographical situation, our goods transport facilities on road, railway and water, the high proportion of well-qualified, skilled workforce, the continuously developing industrial park are only a few of the features that make Baja an ideal deal with an entrepreneur-friendly, financially safe and predictable future.

We hope you will find the opportunities our city can offer attractive enough to wish to take up personal contact to us in close future!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,

Róbert Fercsák
Mayor of Baja
Róbert Zsigó
MP of Baja and its region


Péter Appel
economy specialist

Phone: +36 30 642 6062
E-mail: appel.peter@bajavaros.hu